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The Southern Interior Health & Welfare Plan arises out of and is subject to the terms of the British Columbia Southern Interior Master Agreement. It provides benefits to eligible Steelworkers bargaining unit employees of forest industry companies which are members of the Interior Forest Labour Relations Association.

Board of Trustees

The Plan and related Trust Fund are managed by a Board of Trustees.  Every month, participating employers contribute to a trust fund on behalf of their eligible employees. The Trustees hold and invest the fund, which is used to pay for benefit coverage and for operating expenses. Three Trustees have been appointed by Steelworkers and three by the Interior Forest Labour Relations Association. The six Trustees are responsible for the placement and administration of the Plan. As of February 26, 2021, the Trustees are:

Employer Trustees Union Trustees
Jeff Roos Jordan Lawrence
Jean-Francois Mongeau Pat McGregor
Scot Durward Grant Farquhar


The Trustees appoint and work with a team of professional advisors, including administrators, investment managers, investment consultants, actuaries and lawyers. The Trustees have appointed D.A. Townley (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Blue Cross) as Administrator to handle day to day administration of the Plan. The Administrator operates under the overall direction of the Trustees.

D.A. Townley (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Blue Cross)

Email:           sihwpbenefits@datownley.com

Phone:          604-299-7482

Toll Free:      800-663-1356

Address:       4250 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC  V5G 4W6

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