Health Benefits


Weekly Indemnity

Weekly Indemnity (WI) benefits are intended to assist you with wage loss that results from an eligible disability that prevents you from working as the result of a non-occupational accident or sickness.

See your doctor, and then contact the Administrator as soon as possible to make an application for WI.  If you are eligible and your WI claim is approved, benefits commence on the day after the elimination period expires or on the first day you were seen and treated by a physician (whichever is later) and will be paid only during periods of disability when you are under their regular care and following the treatment prescribed.

For full details on this benefit including the weekly benefit amount, the elimination period and the maximum benefit period, please refer to the Weekly Indemnity section of the Health Benefits Plan booklet.  If your disability extends beyond the maximum WI benefit period, you may be eligible to apply for Long Term Disability benefits.

How to File a Claim

To file a claim for WI benefits, please use the WI Claim form which is also available from your Employer or the AdministratorSteps in WI claim process

Disability claim forms include separate sections to be completed by you, your employer, and your attending physician.

Questions on completing the disability claim forms can be directed to the Administrator.

Completed forms should be forwarded to the Administrator.

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